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We build digital livescan fingerprinting systems. That is all we do – and we are very good at it.Jack Product Shot 2 Original 3-inch web res

Simply, the Best on this Planet!®   That is the Secure Outcomes philosophy – Nothing less will do!

When you purchase one of our systems, you can be assured that you are getting twice the performance at half the cost.

We spent millions of dollars designing and perfecting the new livescan technology that we have brought to the market. That technology mixes advanced artificial intelligence software with state-of-the-art hardware to yield fingerprint livescan systems that are the easiest to use, the most cost effective, and the most compact and integrated.

Winston Churchill said that writing something short and concise is far harder than writing something that is not. A similar thing is true with software systems: Designing and building easy to use software is far more difficult to build than software that is cumbersome and difficult. Our software is a breeze and joy to use and we pride ourselves on that.

All of our systems are patented and patent pending. In addition, we pride ourselves on building livescan systems for law enforcement and military environments that are officer safe.  I tell you that you will also find that we offer the best customer service – and we don’t charge an arm and a leg for that.

We configure and thoroughly test your livescan system before packing and shipping it to your site. Next, we walk you through how to use it. Livescan fingerprinting is a bit different from the old ink and roll paper methods and we get you through that learning curve in just a few minutes to where you quickly become expert. We also offer quality optional capabilities such as integral mugshots – again at very attractive pricing.

Please contact me direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if something is not right or if something does not meet your expectations. We will make it right!

Thank You!

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Jack Harper

Interested in a Live Demo?

We do statewide product demonstration tours frequently. Call or email us and we will put you on the demo list. We will come by your site for just a few minutes and show you with an actual machine the clear benefits that you will realize with a Secure Outcomes livescan system.

U.S. Patents 8,331,775, 8,676,046, 9,342,732 and 9,569,655.

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