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LS1100 New ShotWe tell you that our products are the best on the market!

We design and assemble/manufacture our livescan fingerprinting systems here in the USA from the best components available.


Our officer safe LS1100 law enforcement system, for example, is produced in Colorado from majority-American made components.

The hard shell is injection fabricated in Colorado from the same super-strong material used in NFL® football helmets.

The internal metal components, wiring harnesses, and other components are also produced in Colorado.


Several items are overseas produced such as the high-quality German made Carl-Zeiss glass optics in the LS/MugShot system and the German made hardware crypto device installed in all Secure Outcomes systems.


Secure Outcomes designs and builds all of its custom executive control software at its headquarters in Evergreen, Colorado.LS1100 Manufacturing 001

Product testing, burn-in, and final configuration is also completed at its headquarters.


Interested in a Live Demo?

We do statewide product demonstration tours frequently. Call or email us and we will put you on the demo list. We will come by your site for just a few minutes and show you with an actual machine the clear benefits that you will realize with a Secure Outcomes livescan system.

U.S. Patents 8,331,775, 8,676,046, 9,342,732 and 9,569,655.

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