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Jack Product Shot 2 Original 3-inch web resJack Harper, President/CEO has a thirty+ year history of defining and implementing new technology security, biometrics, AI, and crypto-related products and getting them to market. He has been in the livescan market for about ten years.

Harper is the founder of Secure Outcomes, where he put the product plan for the LS1100 digital livescan fingerprinting system together; raised all financing; assembled the product development and sales/marketing team; led the Company through the product development cycle including fulfilling the complex FBI Certifications, federal/state regulatory requirements, and other extensive certifications; and pushed the LS1100 through product launch into the market.

In addition, he led the successful effort to get, to date, over 300 paying customer sites for the Secure Outcomes products placed.

Tech products that Harper has defined and assembled implementation and sales/marketing teams to take to market include: advanced digital livescan fingerprinting/biometrics systems; real-time embedded hardware/software crypto systems; and optical card - based identification systems for financial, security, and government applications.


He holds seven issued patents: 9,342,732, 8,676,046, 8,331,775, 7,128,258, 7,107,457, 7,775,774, and RSA 2005/01261:     U.S. Pat. 9,342,732 Artificial Intelligence Methods for Difficult Forensic Fingerprint Collection; U.S. Pat. 8,676,046 Fingerprint Scanning Systems and Methods Redux; U.S. Pat. 8,331,775 Fingerprint Scanning Systems and Methods; U.S. Pat. 7,128,258 Optical Immunization Card; U.S. Pat. 7,107,457 Optical Card Based System for Individualized Tracking and Record Keeping Redux; U.S. Pat. 6,775,774 Optical Card Based System for Individualized Tracking and Record Keeping; and South African Pat. 2005/01261 Optical Banking Card. He also has a patent application currently pending Finger Asperity Resistive Discharge Wafer-Scale Integration for Forensic Palm Print Collection.

Harper has worked, consulted, and sold systems with feet on the ground in 22 countries and has made well over fifty presentations at product conferences and tradeshows as well as several radio and television interviews. The great love in his professional life is defining new tech products; assembling and managing teams to build, sell, and market the results; and selling — He  spends half his time on the road selling and promoting the products of the Company.

Harper has an MBA degree from the University of Denver  and a B.S. Electrical Engineering and a B.A. Mathematics degree with a four-year Minor in Russian Language and Studies from the University of Houston. He lived and worked in the Federal Republic of Germany during the Cold War as a civilian contractor to NATO forces, was born in West Texas, has been married for 29 years, has lived in Evergreen, Colorado for 30 years, and has one son in college. He walks three miles daily at 8,000-feet elevation and is in excellent health. Harper previously held numerous high-level security clearances under NATO, DHS, and NASA.

PJ Lilly, Senior Sales Manager/Exec is a seasoned professional sales exec/manager with an extensive background in law enforcement products sales with over twenty years sales experience. He is also a retired law enforcement/detective with the Metropolitan Police Department Washington, D.C. and attended the University of Maryland, where he majored in Criminal Justice. Lilly won the Secure Outcomes 2014 MVP of the Year award in December 2014. The award plaque shown in the photo to the right reads, "For Outstanding Efforts beyond the Call of Duty that Made a Huge Difference." 
Ron Lund/Software Development Manager has a deep background in real-time digital livescan systems definition and development, image processing, networking design and development, as well as advanced GUI work.  He has a B.S. Computer Science from Colorado State University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Cibar Systems Institute with over thirty-years experience in complex software development.
David Burlingame/ Customer Support Manager attended Casper College and majored in Electronics.  He also served in the United States Airforce with extensive overseas tours and has twenty-years experience installing and managing card access, CCTV, security systems, parking systems and biometric devices.  He supports all Secure Outcomes customers on a 24/7/365 basis.
The Secure Outcomes Board of Directors includes John Feltham, retired founding CEO of Zebec Data Systems/Houston; Jack Harper, Chairman; Frank Hawkins, CEO of Hawk Associates of New York City and Key Largo, Florida, an investor relations and financial communications firm, as well as founder and principal of Hibiscus Marketing, a public relations and marketing firm; Richard A. Kirk of Denver, former Chairman, President, and CEO of United Banks of Colorado, the largest bank group in the Rocky Mountains until it sold to Norwest/Minneapolis, former President of the American Bankers Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., former President of the Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce, former Commissioner of the Denver Water Board, and former President of the Denver Botanical Society; Bob Szymczak, tech entrepreneur of Bonita Springs, Florida; and John Woods of Denver (retired Chairman of the Board of a bank holding company with $1.0-billion assets).

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U.S. Patents 8,331,775, 8,676,046, 9,342,732 and 9,569,655.

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