LS-Lite Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System (Civilian Background Checks)

Secure Outcomes has brought to market a family of unique high-end digital livescan fingerprint collection, archiving, and transmission systems that are the best available anywhere, but only at about half the cost of competing systems.

The LS-LiteTM is designed specifically for civilian users that require extreme ease of use, high volume fingerprinting, easy portability for field use, and, of course, affordability.

Applications include employee background checks, security clearances, public school checks, professional certifications, medical examiner printing, law enforcement training, and many others.

The system is perfect for new print-for-a-fee background check fingerprinting service bureaus.

The LS-Lite consists of a high-end color touchscreen-based laptop, a comprehensive suite of fully integrated control software driven by the color touchscreen for extreme ease of use, a full-rolled forensic-quality fingerprint capture/scan device, and embedded documentation.

The system is extremely simple to use with no confusing commands to memorize; has no archaic foot pedals; and is fast, reliable, and includes everything you need to collect, archive, and transmit fingerprints. There is nothing else needed to buy.

The LS-Lite performs four functions critical to civilian background check fingerprinting: (1) It scans and collects all 14 full-rolled/flat-slap prints needed for all federal, state, and local prints cards (including criminal and ChildID); (2) Prints perfectly formatted hardcopy fingerprint cards; (3) Archives that information into an internal integrated database for later retrieval when needed; and (4) Transmits the fingerprint information to state and federal authorities either direct or through an FBI Chaneller (we can help set that up for you) for fast-track returned background checks based on FBI/state fingerprint lookup.

The system handles everything easily and simply: Automatic self-scoring/grading of collected fingerprints eliminates rejects from the state; Data entry syntax checking to FBI standards prevents errors and rejects; and it even takes/collects/transmits mugshots with the optional LS-Mugshot, which are required by certain states for background check transmission.

The system is fully warrantied and guaranteed and comes with automatic periodic software updates and enhancements across the Internet.

Secure Outcomes provides 24/7/365(!) telephone support to you from our Colorado headquarters that never expires - even if your system goes out of warranty. We NEVER abandon our customers!

Since product launch, Secure Outcomes has delivered almost 200 livescan systems to commercial companies, major public school districts, fingerprint service bureaus, major federal airports, law enforcement training, and many others across the United States.


Collect!  Archive! Transmit!

Twice the Performance at Half the Cost!TM


Requires Fingerprinting in Most States

Adult Residential Care Facility
Alcohol & Beverage Control License
Ambulance Driver (DMV)
Cemetary Sales
Certified Nurses Assistant
Certified Nurses Assistant Plus
Child Care Center 6 or less
Child Care Center 6 or more
Chiropractic License
Contractors State Lic. Board
Dental Board
Elderly Care Facilities
EMT Certification
Family Day Care
Foster Family Home
IHSS (Elder Care)
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Lottery Retailer
Mortgage Brokers
Notary Public
Pharmacy Technician
Physician - Medical Board
Real Estate License
Record Review (DOJ)
Registered Nurse
Residential Child Care (less than 6)
School Teachers
Security Guard (Investigative Services)
Security Guard w/Firearm
Stock Brokers
Teaching Credential
Vehicle Sales License - DMV
Veterinary Tech / Veterinarian
Visa/Immigration Documents
Vocational Nurse
...and many many others.

Fingerprinting Service Bureaus

LS-LITE Livescan FIngerprinting System Targets New Fingerprinting Service Bureaus


A growing number of retail outlets are starting to provide digital fingerprinting services for a fee as an adjunct to their existing service offerings. 


Secure Outcomes has designed the LS-Lite to be ideal for owner/operator locations that want to provide an additional service to help people that need a state certification with a digital fingerprint.   The number of careers that require background checks has exploded in the last few years and continues to grow fast. The need for livescan fingerprinting has become a viable business for thousands of small companies across the U.S.  


The LS-Lite provides all the same features as the law enforcement LS1100 system with the difference of being laptop-based. Commercial fingerprinting service bureaus that use LS-Lite are charging up to $100.00 per print set, which depends on locale.


LS-Lite is perfect for public schools. Required teacher/employee/volunteer background checks are easy with LS-Lite and one unit can handle an entire district.

Product Video

Secure Outcomes Video

 (Law Enforcement Version)

Product Specifications

  • Includes high-end touchscreen-based laptop, all software, fingerprint scan device, hardcopy card printer. Nothing else needed!
  • Collects full-rolled and flat-slap fingerprints needed for all print cards
  • Archives up to 20,000 fingerprint sets in the internal database for later retrieval
  • Transmits fingerprint sets to state/federal authorities with fast return of strong identification and background check based on FBI/state fingerprint lookup
  • Easy to use color touchscreen interface - Walks you through fingerprint scan sequence
  • Automatic scoring/grading of scanned prints to eliminate state rejects
  • Fool-proof and simple with easy to use integrated color touchscreen with simple intuitive graphical user interface
  • Prints all federal, state, and local fingerprint paper cards including ChildID (and criminal).
  • Integrated user documentation
  • 24/7/365 included telephone support hotline from our Colorado headquarters that never expires -- We are always there!
  • Optional Mugshot/SMT capability
  • Periodic software updates over the Internet. Print card changes, etc all handled for you
  • Fully warrantied and guaranteed
  • Fingerprint scan device platten area: 3.75" x 3.50" (9.53cm x 8.89cm) to FBI specifications. 500PPI
  • Internal green illuminating print LED light source with 200,000 hour MTBF
  • Available in MIL SPEC 810F
  • Hardpack case available
  • Comes fully configured for your jurisdiction with all fingerprint cards, ORIs, etc. Ready to go!
  • Includes 20-minute training DVD along with always there 24/7/365 telephone support
  • Leasing available

Interested in a Live Demo?

We do statewide product demonstration tours frequently. Call or email us and we will put you on the demo list. We will come by your site for just a few minutes and show you with an actual machine the clear benefits that you will realize with a Secure Outcomes livescan system.

U.S. Patents 8,331,775, 8,676,046, 9,342,732 and 9,569,655.

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