Human Design – How to Get the Information You Need?

When one thinks of the Anthropoid Principle, the Cosmos is both designed and pleasant, they imply that the Cosmos is both designed and fine-tuned for life in general but human existence human mind or intellect in particular. But standard Darwinian Evolution, Natural Selection, pretty much does away with the need for cosmic design and a designer and cosmic fine-tuning and a tuner. But Natural Selection and Darwinian Evolution cannot account for those first pre-life conditions that life itself would finally require.

We are likely aware of the story of the person who stumbled upon a Watch from the wilderness. Although this person had never seen a watch before, they understood it was something complicated and fabricated and designed and they conclude so there should have been a designer. Untold millions have taken this narrative, replaced the watch with some kind of complex biological structure such as a human eye or a human mind, but even an amoeba, flatworm, bird or fish would do. These millions have concluded that such a complicated and clearly designed construction or organism needed a designer also who clearly was God or some type of similar deity.

Since biological development has eliminated the need for a supernatural Designer of biological items, suggest looking elsewhere for a complicated but non-biological structure which has nothing to do with biological evolution and inquire whether this non-biological thing need have had a designer. Think about the components you need: the strong nuclear force particles the weak nuclear force particles the electromagnetic force particles up-quarks and down-quarks to be able to form the protons and the neutrons and naturally electrons. And all these bits and pieces need to net as a clock or even a watch. You cannot just assemble these pieces and pieces in just any old way and expect things to work out.

Human Design Development

Further, you cannot expect natural selection Darwinian evolution survival of the fittest and selfish genes to play any role here. These processes do not have anything to do with the development of atoms from the basic particles, fields and forces that form the bedrock of the nuclear realm and see here for further clarification. It is all governed by the laws, principles and relationships of quantum mechanics, all of which had to come from somewhere or by someone or from something. Atoms by themselves do not in and of themselves kind life. Atoms have to Have just-so configurations to connect together to form molecules. If hydrogen atoms could not join with oxygen atoms there might be no water and no water suggests no life could arise. The same is true for dozens of other essential molecules that life and the individual species require.